What do I mean, the intersection of the traditional and the digital? Well, I have been involved in both music and technology for a very long time (you can read more about me here). I think these are dangerous and exciting times for a musician.

Acoustic, or traditional instruments having never been better. We have greater access to the instruments and styles of other cultures. Instruments from much earlier in our musical history are being revived and improved upon.

Audio and MIDI manipulation is a long way from where it was just a few short years ago. The possibilities available to a musician via both software and hardware synthesis and within modern DAWs is truly endless. Electric guitars, keyboards, and basses are also coming in better qualities and with a greater variety of options than ever available before.

Technology, as it is in most areas of our lives is changing or replacing the way music is consumed or performed, and the impact is not always positive. Live musicians do lose work due the use of virtual orchestras and synthesized/sampled parts. Many artists are streamlining their production and marketing processes.

Is a show with 3-4 synth players and a few other live musicians the same as a 20+ member orchestra? Can a sampled instrument sound as good as one played by a professional musician? Is a home studio production as good as that of a major studio? Is self-promotion as effective as a marketing firm?

The way we compose, produce, and consume music is changing rapidly. These changes are largely driven by technology. I don’t think we have even begun to take full advantage of all the musical possibilities that are available to us as performers, composers, and producers nowadays. I am excited to see what develops over the next few years.

I hope to explore and discuss all things musical that you might find interesting. Sometimes it may be technical, sometimes theoretical, sometimes traditional… often practical. I also hope you will reach out to me and support me as you can. I am, after all, a musician!

I welcome your feedback.