The main goal of music preparation is to convey the intent of the composer as clearly as possible to the performer.

In the case of music engraving, I prepare the score and parts for publication typically following both the composer’s and publisher’s specifications. For music copy work, I am working towards a single event such as a show, concert, or recording session. In either case, I do my best to provide clear, readable materials that follow the requirements of the composer, ensemble, and publisher.

As someone who has been active as a professional musician for more than forty years, I cannot stress enough how vital this is. Clearly engraved scores and parts can ease rehearsal and performance; and those poorly or incorrectly prepared can certainly be a detriment to both the rehearsal and performance. Improperly prepared music will increase the preparation time required by the ensemble.

I have worked with digital music preparation software such as Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, TablEdit, and Guitar Pro for more than twenty years. Because of my experiences in technology and education, I am also an expert user of such programs as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. I work daily with digital audio composition and production tools such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Audacity, Transcribe!, Adobe Audition, and Odesi. My experience and comfort level with technology allows me to easily merge technologies when required for any musical endeavor.

I consider music preparation to be a collaborative effort, and I will gladly reach out to clients to ask questions or suggest improvements based upon my many years of experience. I have prepared music for ensembles ranging from middle school, to vocal quartets with digital accompaniment, to full shows and professional orchestras. Additionally, I do my best to follow all current research, standards, and best practices related to music preparation.

All my music preparation work is project-based and negotiated prior to any work being started. I try to be very clear about the timeline required, and the products delivered. I can prepare music for any print size or publisher specification. This is typically a .pdf file, but I can assist with printing needs as well if required.