Fly Fishing Merit Badge

Fly Fishing merit badge trip to the Eno on Tuesday, Sept. 30 will be to put the learned skills into catching fish. Scouts should bring eye protection: glasses; sunglasses, shop protective glasses, eyeglasses, etc.

Personal Management
Ms. Basden will continue Personal Management on tomorrow evening, Tuesday Sept. 30, at 6PM.

Communications Merit Badge
A class for this Eagle-required badge will be held next Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m. in the Scout Room. Contact Mr. Konvicka if you have questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Scouts should bring their worksheets.

McMannen UMC Service opportunity:
McMannen United Methodist Church, has requested our help setting up for their fall fair:
We have been asked to help at 6 pm on Friday Oct. 3, 2014 for about 2 hours to work with McMannen Boy Scouts (Mark Anderle -Scout Leader) to set up tables in Fellowship Hall and move yard sale items from basement to Narthex - 8 Scouts or as many as we can provide. Also at 2 pm on Saturday October 4, 2014 for 2 hours we need 8 or more to move yard sale items to another location on campus and return tables from yard sale.
Please sign up at: http://goo.gl/fUq1xa

Occoneechee Council Camporee
The Camporee will be held Oct 10 - 12 at Camp Durant. The theme is "Ignite the Spirit." The main event will be a mud run challenge; please bring some extra clothes...  Check out the video on Youtube: http://goo.gl/WesRal  !!!
The camporee website is at:  http://camporee.lodge104.net/ .
Please sign up at: http://goo.gl/VT2OM5

First Class Skills Camping Trip Oct. 24-26

The goal of the first class scout camping trip is to have fun while learning & completing the skills needed for the rank of tenderfoot through first class. We will focus on cooking, first aid, lashings, and orienteering.  Scouts will be divided up into mini-patrols to maximize the chance of getting cooking requirements accomplished. It is important for planning purposes to sign up ASAP. More experienced scouts interested in helping are encouraged to sign up too. Sign up at this link:

Troop 400 Dues
It is time to start paying your dues...$90.  You may write a check payable to BSA Troop 400, or if appropriate, email me to transfer the $90 from your Scout Account. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  . Please, let's get this all taken care of BY OCTOBER 28th!!! Thanks, Kellie

Download this file (Duke Football Scout Night.pdf)Duke Football Scout Night.pdf[Duke Football Scout Night flyer]1105 Kb
Download this file (2014_Occo_Life_to_Eagle.pdf)2014_Occo_Life_to_Eagle.pdf[2014 Council Life to Eagle Guide]380 Kb

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Our Calendar
Oct. 10-12                      Fall Camporee
Oct. 24-26                      First class skills camping trip
Oct  26.   2pm                 DWB  Blue & White   Scrimmage
Oct  30.   6:30pm            DWB  Limestone   Exhibition
Nov. 1-2                         Siwash
Nov. 2    2pm                  DWB Armstrong Atlantic State    Exhibition  
Nov. 22                          Troop Leader Training – Lockin
Nov. 23  2pm                  DWB Marquette
Nov. 25  6:30pm             DWB Buffalo
Nov. 28  6:30pm             DWB Stony Brook
Dec. 6                             Indoor rock climbing lockin
Dec. 7     1pm                 DWB  South Carolina
Dec 13                            Bahama Xmas Parade
Dec.17    6:30pm            DWB Oklahoma
Dec.19    6:30pm            DWB Umass Lowell
Dec.21    2pm                 DWB Kentucky
Jan. 2      6:30pm            DWB  NC A&T
Jan. 4      2pm                 DWB  Wake Forest
Jan. 8      6:30pm            DWB  Syracuse
Jan. 9-11                        Freezeree
Jan. 15    6:30pm            DWB  Virgina Tech
Jan. 17                            Pinewood Derby
Jan. 18    1pm                 DWB  Miami
Jan. 24                            Court of Honor
Jan. 29    6:30pm            DWB  Pittsburgh
Jan. 31                            Ski trip (day trip)
Feb. 2     7pm                 DWB Louisville
Feb. 7                             Aldersgate Service Project
Feb. 8                             Scout Sunday
Feb. 8      2pm                DWB  Clemson
Mar. 1     3pm                DWB  North Carolina
Feb 27 – Mar 2              Washington, DC
Mar 27 – 28                   Crossover
April 11                         NCSU Merit Badge College
Apr 17 – 18                    Shooting at Cherokee
May 1 – 3                       Mawat Camporee
May 9                             Court of Honor
May 15 – 17                   Stargazing Camping Trip
Jun 21 – 27                     Camp Cherokee
Jul 5 – 11                        Camp Raven Knob
Jul 29 – Aug 4                SeaBase
Aug 7 – 9                        Annual Planning
Aug 21 – 23                    Aquatics at Kerr Lake
Sep 4 – 7                         Rafting trip

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